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Search Engines and your Web Site

Once you have your web site up and running you want people to know of its existence. One of the best sources of traffic comes from search engines. Search engines are usually either crawler based which means that spiders crawl the internet finding and indexing links, or human indexed which means that a real live person evaluates your web site and determines whether or not your site will be added to the search engine in question.

The major search engines that you should submit your site to are google, All the Web (fast), Open Directory - dmoz, altavista, yahoo, search engine. Overture also drives powerful results. Reach: With one advertising buy, you can reach up to 80% of all Internet users because you’ll be listed on some of the best search engines and portals on the Web. Targeted Leads: Customers who click on your search listings are pre-qualified, motivated and looking for what you have to offer. Bottom Line Results: You control the cost of acquiring new customers, and you pay only for targeted leads. This translates into a high return on your advertising investment. Sign up with Overture now!

Beware of supposed SEOs - Search engine optimization companies. Many of these will spam your inbox with offers that seem too good to be true. For just $10 per month they'll have your site listed in the top 10 results of every search engine on the planet and they'll ensure that your site stays there and you'll receive thousands and thousands of daily visitors and you'll be retired with your millions of dollars by Christmas. Okay that's an exaggeration, however, it's not rocket science to realize that the likelihood that these companies can deliver what they promise is somewhat dubious. The best 'home test' you can do with these companies is to do a search on google for SEO and see what results are returned. Also, go the the SEO's web site and take a look at their google PR. You'll be surprised how many of these supposed 'experts' have low ranking sites themselves; hardly a good advertisement.

Always submit to the big search engines and directories manually or pay someone who knows what they're doing to submit your site for you. Auto submit software has its place, but the time it takes to submit to the biggies by hand is well worth the end result usually. If for some reason the submission software stuffs up it will be your domain that gets slammed by the search engines - not the software providers'. Site Solutions is the only submission business I ever use because they're honest and trustworthy.

Tweak your site and metas once a month but you don't really need to resubmit your site monthly to all of the search engines as the spiders will recrawl your site and update anyway.

Another good way to increase the number of search engine visitors you get is to build feeder sites - mini sites that link into your main site. The more pages you in the search engines, the better your chances are of being found. Good luck!

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