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There are many weird and wonderful Superstitions and Omens that exist in the our world. They range from the quite bizarre to the obvious.

Some of us believe in the supernatural and other worldly matters a lot more than others, some of us don't even stop to think what the significance of any event is, while some of us will freak out at the thought of going out on a Friday the 13th; Black Friday!!

There are some superstitions that we are all familiar with...

Bad Luck Omens and Superstitions:

  • Breaking a mirror. If you break a mirror you will supposedly have seven years of bad luck. You can reverse the bad luck by burying the pieces of mirror by moonlight. If a mirror suddenly falls off a wall and smashes then it is said that this is an omen that a death will soon occur. Charming! Common sense would tell us that if bits of flying broken mirror glass hit you then that would indeed be bad luck.

  • Friday the 13th. Actually, it's the number 13 that seems to be the problem here. Have you noticed when you are in a lift that a lot of buildings don't even HAVE a 13th floor? They do of course have one, they just don't recognize it officially as the thirteenth floor. And, there's many people who have a fear of Friday the 13th. As an adolescent I used to try and get out of going to school on those days, hey it was worth a shot :)

  • Walking under a ladder. This is bad luck. If you walk under a ladder you supposedly break a spiritual triangle that will leave you friendly with the devil. I should imagine that walking under a ladder could well land you a bucket of paint on your head.

  • Spilling salt. If you should happen to spill some salt, grab a pinch of the salt and toss it over your left shoulder. This will keep away any bad spirits that are out to get you. I have always tossed the salt over my left shoulder...just in case.

Good luck Omens and Superstitions:

  • Finding a coin as you walk. If you see a coin in the street while you are walking along, pick it up and you will have luck all day long. Of course it's a good omen to be finding money, though I suspect most of us would rather pocket a note than a coin!

  • Horseshoes. I live near a racetrack, but I have never come across any stray horseshoes hanging around. If you find one, pick it up and hang it over your door and you will have good luck. I don't know how the horse would feel about it...

  • Wishbones. Doesn't every household have a fight over the wishbone in the chicken? Two people grab one side of the bone each with their pinkies and pull. If you end up with the big half of the wishbone, make a wish and it will come true. Anyone with any spare wishes reading this page, I'd like a Brad Pitt lookalike thanks!

  • Four Leaf Clover. About the only thing I find in clover is bees, but there are four leafed clovers out there, and if you find one, hang on to it because it will bring you luck. Hey, you could sell it on

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