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We all need to scratch every now and then, but did you know that where you need to scratch can either be a lucky sign, or an unlucky omen.

  • Head. Nope you don't have nits, this means that you will have good luck, maybe even a promotion at work. Good all round

  • Left cheek/ear. People will be free with compliments for you. Lucky you!

  • Right cheek/ear. People will not be nice to you, they will be rude and mean.

  • Left eye. You will be disappointed about something or someone in the near future.

  • Right eye. There will be a meeting of some kind, this could be good or bad.

  • Inside your nose. This mean bad luck or grief, most probably because you'll stick your finger up your nose to have a scratch and someone will see you and then tell everybody that you're a nose picker!

  • On the outside of your nose. You're confused about something.

  • Mouth. An itchy mouth is an omen that insults are about to start flying. Be prepared!

  • Neck. A bad omen, as this indicates an illness.

  • Itchy back. An omen of disappointment. Of course, this could also mean that you've been out in the sun, gotten sunburnt, and you're scratching because your back is peeling :)

  • Left shoulder. If you're scratching your left shoulder then you can expect unhappiness. If you've got the urge to itchy your right shoulder though then this is a sign that you will receive money in the form of an inheritance. Cool!

  • Left palm. Money going out. Wah!

  • Right palm. Money coming in. Yeehah!

  • Stomach. An invitation is coming your way. For your sake, I hope it's an invitation to the swankiest place in town with the lover of your dreams.

  • Left knee. This means gossip. I hope that you are not the source of the gossip!

  • Right knee. Cheer up, this is an omen that good news is coming your way!

  • Left foot. A pointless and wasted journey.

  • Right foot. A wonderful and productive journey.

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Resource: Bosanko, S. (ed) How to Predict Your Future; An Illustrated Guide to over 100 Fortune-Telling Arts Treasure Press, 1988