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And you thought they were just creepy little things....

  • Finding a Daddy Long Legs. This is good luck. While these spiders are the most poisonous in the world, they aren't able to penetrate our skin. If you kill a Daddy Long Legs spider then expect bad luck.

  • Seeing a spider in the morning. This means a time of grief. Well, you did just wake up after all!

  • Seeing a spider at noon. This means a time of anxiety. Don't stress too much, but if you should see a spider at night time then it means financial loss. Yikes!

  • Seeing a spider spinning its web. This also depends on the time of day that you see the spider spinning. In the morning this is seen as a good luck omen, in the afternoon it means that you will soon be taking a journey.

  • Finding a spider on your clothes. This is a good luck omen financially. Let's hope it's a money spider and not a tarantula :)

  • Seeing a spider climb up its thread. This signifies good news is coming your way. Maybe because the spider is going back to his web?

  • Seeing a spider climb down its thread. Good luck all round, but don't let him get to the floor or it'll mean bad luck; most likely because the spider might be headed your way!

  • Seeing a spider run across a wall. Good luck, especially if he's not headed towards your bedroom :)

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