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Web Site Design


Designing your web site is not a difficult process, once you get started. Perhaps the easiest way to get an idea of what 'sort' of design you want is to surf other sites. Never copy another site, but you will certainly get a lot of ideas by looking at what other web sites designs are like. Pick out the elements that you most like. For example, you might like the navigation menu to be on the left hand side of the browser screen, or you might want the navigation bar at the top of the screen like it is on this website. If you plan on having a really big website you will probably have to go with some form of collapsible navigation menu.

There are some 'basic' pages that business websites really should contain: home or index page, about, contact, products and or services. Of course, you can add as many or as few additional pages as you require. Therefore, before you start building you should decide what information you want to include on your website; this will determine the size and structure of your site. The KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle is the best one to follow when designing your website. Visitors want to be able to quickly find what it is that they're looking for - two clicks from your home page is about as deep as most visitors want to go. You only have about 20 seconds from when a visitor first lands on your site to make some sort of an impression to keep them there.

You also have to determine whether you want to sell products on your site. There are advantages and disadvantages in using e-commerce. The main issue with e-commerce is the expense of setting up and maintaining gateway merchant accounts and secure servers. The advantages of course can be that selling online as opposed to a bricks and mortar type traditional business is much less expensive to run in that you do not have to have a physical shop front - just a virtual one. Many businesses of course, are bricks and mortar, and their web sites are essentially an extension of the physical shop front. It may be satisfactory for these businesses to simply use an email form for potential purchasers, or to include a printable order form that can be faxed through to the business. These options are particularly favorable to small businesses that do not want or need the extra hassle of online merchant facilities. Of course, you have a 'virtual' business or online is your primary means of product sales, then you will require a merchant account. Accept all major credit cards with a free application fee! here.

If you have an established business, it is preferable to use logos and colors that you use in your offline marketing and this helps to establish your brand presence and consistency in the perceptions of your clients. You can of course pay a website designer to build and maintain your site for you. It pays to shop around though as prices can vary from astronomical to economical, and remember that there is no point in paying for a web site with whistles and bells if your site does not achieve its purpose. If you would like a free quote from us here a Japach, then please email me. You can of course email me as well if you would like some advice :)

You can also build your own web site using instant web site tools which will get you up and running in next to no time. For professional graphics, I recommend Banner Sharp - website banners and graphics designers. Of course, if you're a photoshop whiz you can make your own banners :)

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